Important knowledge

Welcome to Euroballoon, your balloon shop on Østerbro Cph and the internet

We have everything in balloons, advertising balloons and inflatable advertising products. Balloons for private, balloons with company logo, helium and other accessories and larger custom products such as blimps / zeppelines or logo / mascot in giant size ... all is possible, almost :)

We are both a physical store and an online store, so don't hold back with orders or inquiries.

Have fun on our site and write/call if there is anything you are in doubt of :)


Important knowledge!

- Standard latex balloons last about 10-15 hours w / helium, so inflating should be done the same day as use and as late as possible!
- Foil balloons stay neat for about 1 week.
- Cold air causes balloons w / helium to shrink but expands nicely again at normal temperature ... Very high heat increases helium emissions.
- Rental Helium bottle and valve must be returned to Euroballoon! DKK 6.250,- will be invoiced if lost, unless you bought a disposable bottle.
- Do not put valve on bottle during transport!
- Talking with helium is fun, but in excess it can be dangerous!


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Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 9-17
Saturday 10-14
(Closed Sundays and Holidays)