• Balloon Arch Kit H 2,5 x W 2-3 m

Kit that is put together into a bow, with rings you put the balloons on and carry over the bow so you end up with a nice uniform bow for the wedding, anniversary, race or other festive event as e.g. the background. It is about 2.5 m high and 2-3 m wide.

The kit is a bigger DIY project and obviously requires some time. With this kit you have the base for a balloon bow,the balloons are purchased separately. For the bow, use somewhere between 160-200 x 9 '' (23 cm) balloons - the color combination you decide.

We recommend you buy a balloon pump for inflating the many balloons. The kit comes with 50 x balloon rings where you can easily insert 4 balloons - possibly. alternating in color. After making your 50 balloon rings, you can start pouring water into the two included feet. This way you ensure that the balloon arch does not suddenly fall over.

Next, collect the 12 rods provided using 11 joints. Insert one end of the foot and leave the other open. Here you have to put your 50 balloon rings on. Arrange them on an ongoing basis to accommodate all rings. Once you are happy with the distribution and result of your bow, put the other end of the bar in foot # 2.

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Balloon Arch Kit H 2,5 x W 2-3 m

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